Guilty Pleasures

            We all have them! Those occasional (or sometimes frequent) purchases that we just can’t resist! We want to resist… we know we should, but we just can’t! Maybe it’s the drive thru coffee that makes our morning start off right, or our lucky lotto numbers that we just have to play. A pair of shoes that are just perfect, or a golf game invitation on a perfect day. We all make purchases that we could live without, but we don’t want to. They really are wants, and not needs at all. What are your guilty pleasures? Every November marks Financial Literacy Month with a burst of activities across Canada, including Credit Education Week Canada, November 6th – 10th. This year, their selected theme is “Guilty Pleasures”, and CCRC wants to invite you to be involved and take part in this year’s events.  

I took a quick survey of a few friends and coworkers, asking them what they would consider as a “guilty purchase” and I was surprised by all of the different answers. I heard what I expected to hear; most Canadians admit to over spending on drive thrus’ and restaurant meals. But I also heard some unique answers such as: hobby supplies nail boutiques, pet toys, gardening tools and toys for children. There were some biigger ticket items as well such as patio furniture, tickets to a major league sporting event and yes…annual winter trips to the sunny south. Even more interesting was the stories that accompanied the admission. Most of us want to justify our purchases. Maybe identifying how we benefit from our purchase makes it easier to let go of the cash?

What we do know at Credit Counselling is that budgeting for our needs and planning for our wants allows us to feel more in control of our finances, and offers bigger rewards in terms of really appreciating our spending victories when we have set a goal and made it happen!  If you have saved for something special, or you would consider giving up something to save more, please share with us on Facebook at

 We would love to hear from you!

 Would you like to learn more about ways to save, motivational ideas or tips and strategies to reach your goals? Please drop by our office during CEWC and see our Financial Education Display, take home some great saving tips, consumer information, and learn more about the wise use of credit. You can enter a draw for one of two $25 grocery store cards. And if 2018 is the year that you really want to start saving, why not get a head start by registering for our free “Stretch Your Dollars and Save” workshop on Nov 10th at our CCRC office in Peterborough from 12 – 1 pm.  Each participant will leave with a financial kit that can help organize personal finances and motivate us to save for our “guilty pleasures”!

You can learn more about Financial Literacy Month, Credit Education Week Canada, and our event sponsors by visiting