What was your biggest Finanical Win?

Do you remember a time when you felt really proud or just plain jump in the air happy about a financial decision or purchase?  Credit Counselling Services wants to hear your story! Every November marks Financial Literacy Month with a burst of activities across Canada, including the 10th anniversary of Credit Education Week Canada, November 7-11th. This year, their selected theme is “FINANCIAL WINS!”, and CCRC wants to invite you to be involved, share your “Wins” and inspire others. 


I took some time to survey a few friends and coworkers, asking them what they would consider as a “financial win”. I was surprised by all of the different answers. I heard things like; finding money on the sidewalk, scoring a great deal, successfully reaching a money saving goal, a pay raise and of course, earning interest! One friend described their biggest win as something they didn’t even consider as a good financial decision at first. He had bought a pricy mountain bike, to join in a hiking trip with some friends. At the time, it was a lot of cash for him to pay out and he worried about it. Turns out, he loved riding so much that he sold his car; dropping gas, maintenance and insurance costs hugely on an annual basis, and looking back, he considers his bike purchase a big financial win.


So what do you consider a financial win? Please share your thoughts or your  best “win” stories with us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/CCRC.Peterborough We would love to hear from you!

 Would you like to learn more about saving money or discover lots of ways to make Financial Wins happen for you?  Please drop by our office during CEWC and see our Financial Education Display, and take home some great saving tips, consumer information, and learn more about the wise use of credit. On November the 9th, our display will travel to the Havelock Hub, Medical Centre, 75 Concession Street from 2 – 4 pm. At either location you can enter a draw for a $25 grocery store card. And if this is the year that you want to get organised with your finances, why not get a head start by registering for our free “Organize Your Finances” workshop on Nov 10th at our CCRC office in Peterborough from 1:15 – 3 pm.  Each participant will leave with a Financial Binder that can help them organise their personal finances and, in case of an emergency, this handy “Grab n’ Go” binder is definitely a big win!


You can learn more about Financial Literacy Month and Credit Education Week Canada, and our event sponsors by www.cewc.ca.